Avoid all of the unknowns in launching your podcast! Launch, Re-Skin, or Edit... Our team has you covered!

It made such a difference having someone guide me through the development of my podcast. I can only guess it saved me 3 or 4 months of probable mistakes and several episodes of embarrassment by having MokuCast help me Launch my program!

Whats included in the Podcast Launch Program?

The MokuCast Launch Program includes everything you need

(including things you had NO idea you needed)

to help you develop your concept into a polished, finished podcast that will look

and feel like you've been hosting your program for years!


Podcast Coach

Learn from a veteran podcast

producer or host! You will get direct,

One on One coaching and guidance on all

the essentials to get your podcast looking

and sounding fantastic! Imagine...

Someone who can give you the inside

scoop on equipment, content planning,

mock podcast practices, strategy

and more!



Target audience. Tag lines. Aligning

with potential advertisers. Interview

vs solo. Monetization strategy...

So much to think about! Your dedicated

coach will help you get clarity on your

exact strategy so you can hit the ground

running with your podcast!



In house branding experts will

design several proofs for you to choose

the perfect channel artwork and episode

template, as well as build a professional

Intro & Outro with custom voiceover

and soundtrack so your podcast is

recognizable to your audience.

Hosting &


Our show producers handle ALL

of the technical setup of your podcast.

Setting up and optimizing the RSS feed,

channel creation on each of the major

platforms, and integration to your

website... We've got it covered! Get

ready to share the links to your

friends and family!



Yep... This is pretty important. Using

proprietary MokuCast tools, we will ensure

your podcast Kickoff is seen by a highly

targeted audience of your best prospects.

Our platform will handle all of the

templates and scripts needed to

announce your new show to everyone in

your contacts folder and beyond!

Production &


Now that you are launched and have your

first subscribers, it's time to implement

the strategy! Our combo of people and

tech will schedule all of your guests, edit

your interviews, write meaningful show

notes, and publish every new

episode for you.

Community &


Have no fear... We aren't going to

send you into the wild all alone! Once

you are launched, it's time to join our

community of MokuCaster's and share

best practices with other Host's trying to

gain maximum reach in their respective

fields of specialty

Podcast Strategy Call

Not everyone is going to make a great podcast host!

We want to work with potential host's who are willing to

be open and honest with their ability to put in the work

to make both of us look good!

We want to hop on a call to discuss a few areas we feel

are absolutely critical in making your podcast work:

Your Podcast Concept and Idea

What is your primary objective in creating the podcast

(ie, Audience Growth, Brand Building, Networking, Market

Research, Authority etc)

Target Audience (and how you intend to serve them)

Our system is not for everyone. If we feel like we are not a good fit for each other... we will direct you to other publishers who may be better suited to take care of you!

Add video




20-40 minutes




40-60 minutes




60+ minutes

lets talk!

Add video


0-20 minutes




20-40 minutes




40-60 minutes




60+ minutes

Professional Audio Editing

Audio Branding

Audio Mastering

Featured Image for Each Episode

Audio Uploading

ID3 Keyword Tagging

Episode Publishing On Your Site

Includes HOSTING!!!

Podcast Scheduling Page Integrated with GCal

Guest Reminder SMS and Emails

Podcast Web Page Hosting

Lead Capture Signup Link

Distribution of Lead Capture Offer

Written Show Notes with Links

Tweetable Quotes for Each Episode

Full Episode Transcription

Branded Transcript PDF's

Podcast Setup Program


Podcast Setup Program


Podcast Setup Program


Stripped down version of Launch Program

Strategic Review of Podcast IDea, Branding, and Distribution

Access to Podcast Strategy Course

Branded and Personalized Scheduling Page

We write your shows description, categories and

optimize SEO friendly keywords